Saturday, January 7, 2012

Basics are Forgotten

Overpowering greed: Greed knows no bounds! There is clear lack of oversight and will. Few make hay when the sun shines and when storms appear on the horizon due to their follies, they desert en masse with ordinary citizens left to bear the burden for no fault of theirs. The best brains are being attracted to making money out of thin air, through financial engineering; but those activities needed to improve our general well being are left in the back burner.

Lack of focus: Whoever is in power are unable to tackle hot button issues due to endemic political strife. The leaders, who are elected with much fanfare, are soon busy fighting the fires deliberately set. Old issues are raked up to stymie their efforts and make them impotent. The irrational exuberance of democratic overkill puts paid to solution of problems that affect the most disadvantaged. Leaders are reduced to mere followers of pollsters and those they are beholden to.

Overall system failure: One step forward and soon back in hasty retreat! Pleasing all and sundry is not the way to govern to progress and solve the issues that cannot wait any longer. The debt clock is ticking and reaching stratospheric levels but we are blissfully ignorant of its consequences. How the whole issue will pan out seem to be beyond our comprehension. It looks like we have an attitude that water levels have gone above our heads; does it matter, whether by six feet or six thousand feet! We are truly done for, anyhow!

Void in Leadership: Though some fear is necessary to make us better prepare for an uncertain future, we lack leaders to lead us from the front, to get us out of the rut. We are going around in circles, unable to find concrete solutions. Is it not time that we closed ranks behind leaders who have won their mandates and gave them fair chance to show their mettle? They now lose their focus as their daily agenda has become a moving one with many trying to assert without mandate. Human suffering knows no borders and leaders have to rise above petty politicking for the disadvantaged to have meaning, hope, and foundation for a better future.

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